Summer Things Part 1

So. I had this ambitious, 500+ word essay with interspersed pictures all planned out in my WordPress dashboard. In fact, the draft is still patiently sitting on my homepage, waiting for me to return to it. But WordPress (I feel like it shoulder be capitalized, like it’s the name of a fearful authority figure) was getting aggy (agitating/aggressive/agricultural, take your pick) on me, and after many failed attempts to format the post, I gave up. First failure of summer, nice to meet you.

I decided to go free-form instead. Here are a collection of snapshots from my first week of summer (summer resolution number one: use my camera more). Included: cinnamon roll French toast, poached eggs with avocado, a visit to the North End (Haymarket, Polcari’s Coffee, and Modern Pastry), ricotta pie (GO EAT THIS NOW), Dad’s birthday, my lovely cuz Courtney (and partner in crime for the week’s eating adventures), and a Mother’s Day salad. Enough parentheses for you?

(15 days until Wyoming.)